Using My Stash

I am going to start with a little background.  A few years ago I went through my crochet WIPS (works in progress) and I had thirty-two, yes thirty-two, and I thought to myself this is crazy I need to do something.  That year for my resolution I told myself I could not start another crochet project without finishing all of my WIPs.  The beginning of the year came and I was determined either to frog(rip out) the project or finish it.   I ended up finishing twenty-eight and frogged four, that I was never going to complete.  I told myself, that’s it no more, I could not have more than four WIPs at the same time! So far so good on that one, now I usually will only work on two in case something comes up that I have to do!

Fast forward to now, I am a little bit of a hoarder in my card making too, no, that’s the wrong word, I am frugal, yeah I’ll go with that!  I keep every piece of scrap paper that’s pretty much bigger than an inch and strips that are at least a half of an inch, along with having stacks of pattern paper and cardstock.  It’s bad, I have two huge trays of scraps ranging in all sizes in addition to, a huge pile on my desk, and stacks of new pattern paper and cardstocks.  I started receiving the Scrapping for Less monthly Flavor of the Month kit in May of last year I believe.  Now, as much as I unquestionably LOVE this kit because I truly believe it’s one of the absolute best values for the money on market, the kit gives you an abundance of stuff.

However, because there are so many ingredients I usually am left with huge amounts of leftover embellishments and scraps, I decided this year the resolution needed to happen again.  Use or get rid of it, and since almost every card maker I know isn’t going to get rid of their stash, use it I must!

So without further ado some cards I made with items from my kits and lots of scraps!  I adore the first card, I made the background from the Sunny Studio Cute as a Button stamp set.  I had some paper that I stamped on before and messed it up but I was keeping just in case I ran out of white 80lb cardstock, because you know I only have about five reams on hand at all times!  In any case, using so many colors of Distress Inks really covered up the bleeding on the back side.  I used the little girl from the Greeting Farms You’re Spectacular set.  The next card uses MFT Stamp Ice Skater.  The final seven cards I used up stickers, embellishments and lots of scraps from my Flavor of the Month kits.  I am not usually a big sticker person, but many of these were pretty cute and like I said I have to use up these materials.


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